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Rattlings of a rusty nut! Apr 28, 1998

	Hello there everyone! I would like to express my thanks to all of the people 
who have been visiting Iron Works. I have been away from the site for a while 
working on my new Solar, The Man of the Atom site (check it out sometime, a link 
is on the Helipad). It seems that every time I check back with Iron Works the 
hit counter has jumped up another few hundred. I never imagined that the site 
would have that many visitors. Many thanks to you all and keep checking back, 
more stuff in the works (pardon the pun)!

	One thing I would like to ask is for more feedback on what you think about 
the site. Do you like it? Is there something that you would like to see more of? 
Should I change the theme of the site? I have not exactly had people knocking 
down the door to submit anything. Jerry still rules in that category. (Look for 
more of his artwork coming up soon in Robot Works.) You can reach me in the 
Communications room or the Think Tank. (If you have anything you would like to 
submit....what are you waiting for???)

	There is now a chat room on Iron Works and it should be operational all the 
time, if it is not let me know. I am new to the chat room/message board thing 
so give me some feedback on how they are working.

	The Ring of Iron web ring seems to be doing well too. It was never intended 
to be a large web ring, nor do I wish it to become one. I would like it to 
contain all of the Iron Man sites that are out there but there are still some 
site owners that have yet to join. I will not be bugging them about it. It is my 
hope that it is more a matter of they just have not had time yet and that sooner 
or later they will sign up. I would like to see the ring end up just the right 
size to fill a evening with some good internet surfing. 

	You will also notice that there are some other sites in the ring that are 
not Iron Man related. I think that this inhances the ring by keeping it from 
being too singleminded. I would like to see some game sites, art sites, and some 
that relate to other armored comic characters in the ring, but I guess we will 
just have to wait and see what develops. That's kind of the fun running a ring, 
you never know who is going to sign up next. (I promise you will not see any 
barnyard animals.)

	Good grief, I almost forgot! There is a new Iron Man site out there it is 
called Stark Solutions at (EDIT: This site is long gone!) and they 
are also a member of the Ring of Iron so check that one out and don't forget 
to keep that armor polished!