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Rattlings of a rusty nut! Feb 26, 1998

	Ok, Ok, so I made the focus of Iron Works too narrow, I admit that now.I found 
a lack of good Iron Man art on the internet and so it seemed a good idea to have a 
site that just deals with artwork. Recently however I was taken to task by Joe 
Petrilak who runs the official Acclaim Ink site. (EDIT: This site is long gone!) 

	He clued me in that I have a responsibility to my visitors to include some of 
my views on Iron Man and why I am a fan of Shell Head. Well, who says I don't 
listen to feedback I get about Iron Works!  So... for better or worse I will be 
expanding the theme of Iron Works to include anything you the surfer wishes to 
see here. You will find a short explanation of why I am a Iron Man fan and please 
feel free to send your reasons in. They will be posted on the site, as will any 
fan reviews of books, short stories, thoughts on possible updates to Iron Man's 
armor, whatever. You send it in and it will go up (keep it clean people).

	Until next time...