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Rattlings of a rusty nut! Feb 7, 1998

	Well, another month has gone by and the site gets a little bit bigger and 
better. It has been quite a job taking the site from a two page startup on a 
two mg freebie host to a multiple page site on a twelve mg host.I can tell 
you it has been an education and a lot of fun too! 

	A quick note on the Java that is on the Works. I have tried to pick Java 
applets that run very stable. I have tested them all on my computer by 
flipping back and forth between pages, reloading pages, running other types of 
programs at the same time, jumping back and forth from other sites, changing 
browser settings while on the page. Just about any type or combination of 
events that I could think of that a visitor might do to see if the Java applet 
would act up in any way. If it did I did not use it on the site. I hate going 
to sites and having my browser or worse yet my computer lock up or crash while 
it loads. I will endeavor to keep my site from doing that to you.

	You will find that the Robot Works is finally up and running! There is not 
a lot there yet but I had to have a framework set up to run the site and that 
is now in place. You can submit robot art or articles for the site and I will 
post them, just as I will for Iron Works. You will also find links to real on-
line robots that you can control over the internet. Try them out! They are a 
blast, and not as easy as you might think.

	While working on my site I have not been keeping up with the Iron Man fan 
scene on the internet and boy has that exploded! There are so many new and 
great sites now that it should keep you busy for quite a while visiting them all. 
There is a lot of great content out there, so much that I will not even try to 
list it all here, but I would be a complete air-head not to tell you about 
Advanced Iron going on-line!! They seem to have the site framework set up and 
it looks to ready to be "live and in color" very soon. Just hit the Heliport
and click on the links! There is a lot of fun ahead!

	"O what fine times, this age of iron!
						-Voltaire (1736)