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Rattlings of a rusty nut! January 3, 1998

First thing, I am not much of a writer but will give it a go, please forgive
the mistakes I'll make.

Well.. I had some feedback a while ago (see guest book) that I needed to make
my site better. Well after letting it run for over a month and not getting much
of a response on the fan art subject, I decided to expand the scope of the site
a little. You will now find speaking pages (if you have text to speech software)
and on-line Java games. FYI the Training room button is actually a link to
another site that I maintain Java games on. Because of this you will get the
usual Java pop-up ads that the host puts up. Not much I can do about them. The
games will not be Iron Man games (I am not a programmer yet), but I will try to
make them interesting, leaning toward a sci-fi theme. I want this site to be fun
and I hope that I will help accomplish that.

In the near future this site will take a major jump in size so that I can put even
more on it. Look for more art (a lot more I hope), a chat, and a robot works. A
room for Iron Man's experimental robot stuff.

In closing I would like to touch on the subject of Marvel comics being in financial
trouble. If you do not know about this visit Iron Man Armory (check communications).
The Armory is dialed right into the whole deal. When the chat goes on line one of
the first topics I would like to propose is what if Paramount Pictures or some other
big communications company would buy out Marvel (like WB did DC). Do you think that
would be a move forward, or do you think the big companies would squash the freedom
Marvel has to put out a good product? If you have any thoughts on the subject
(for now) post them to my guest book.