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Rattlings of a rusty nut! June 12, 1998

EDIT: This was the last entry I made on the old IRON WORKS. Don't bother to look for the site mentioned, it is long gone!

	Greetings fellow Iron Man fans! I need to apologize for being away for so 
long, but I have been filling in for vacations at work. Seems like there is just 
not enough time to do everything I want to.

	I need to let you know about a new site that looks like it will kick ass, 
it's The Avengers the Next Generation and is dedicated to the Avengers Next 
comic featuring MAINFRAME, the next addition to the armored heros of the Marvel 
universe. I can't wait for this one as I am curious as to how he will tie in 
with Iron Man and War Machine (what in the world is up with Rodney anyway?). 
While on the subject of new comics, in November Siege of Avengers Mansion the 
Roger Stern's Avenger story will be reprinted in trade paperback and coming soon 
will be a new Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe.

	So now for the bad news (at least I think so)...  It seems that the changes 
going on at Acclaim comics has brought about a bad decision to drop X-O Manowar 
as one of there ongoing titles. Now I don't know if you have ever read any, like 
the character or have never heard of him but X-O was one of the armored heros of 
the comic world and like Prototype, the now defunct Malibu comics armored hero, 
good old X-O will be missed by this rusty old fart. The knights of the iron table 
are now fewer in number and this cannot be a good thing.

	Now for something completely different...   A little while ago I finally 
filled up what space I have with Tripod (my host) and was wondering what I was 
going to do since there was more stuff that I wanted to post and do with Iron 
Works. Well... along came the Mega Byte wars and Iron Works suddenly mutated 
from a 15 Mg site to a 22 Mg site! AAAH the spoils of war! So now I have some 
more room to do what?????  Well, if you remember Iron Works is a site dedicated 
not only to Iron Man but any armored comic character. So in the foreseeable 
future I will be posting more stuff about the "other guys" on the works. I am 
thinking about doing a little something on Prototype for starters. Also...... 
Do not forget that Iron Works primary focus is for posting fan art (never did 
get much of a response on that front though). So if you have some artwork you 
would like posted, contact me and lets get the sucker up on the Works!

	And to wrap things up.....  I have been doing some work on the huge graphics 
that are on the Works. I do not have a program that will reduce the original in 
size without messing it all up so I am doing some HTML that will hopefully reduce 
the size of the image to something manageable without completely wrecking the 
quality. Let me know if you like the changes or if you think I should keep them 
the original size. As always, thanks for visiting and may your batteries always be 
fully charged!