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Rattlings of a rusty nut! Mar 22, 1998

	How are you doing? It has been a little crazy around here. 
As you may have noticed I have started a web ring called RING of IRON (EDIT: The RING of 
IRON is now run by mst12.)
It will feature Iron Man, other comic characters, games, sci-fi & fantasy sites. 
I do not expect nor want it to be a huge ring, just eclectic and weird enough to 
be very entertaining. 

	Iron Works now has it's own message board (the Think Tank), and chat 
(Conference room). I changed the Java in the Vroom Room to see if it will speed 
up moving around the site. The old code just seemed a little too clunky. You will 
find some new web rings at the Heliport that will make the surfing a little better.

	ROBOT WORKS has some new artwork, really nice stuff. I have started to add a 
little content (although I am not much of a writer). Look for a series on famous 
robots. Changed the looks of the place a little bit, and added some web rings that 
you may be interested in.


P.S. Tripod just jumped there premium site space to 15 Megs! Geocities just raised
there basic homesteader space to 6 Megs! Holy Cow! What a wonderful age of iron
we live in.

(EDIT: You thought I was joking when I mentioned how little space we had to work with 
back then? I had to pay a fee just to get 15 Megs!)