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What makes a Iron Man fan? (continued)

	Suspension of disbelief, Iron Man is one of the rare comic characters that rides the edge of 
fact and fiction. There are only two other characters that I include in his league: Batman, if 
they would get rid of Robin. (Of course a half way sane adult would take a teenager into a machine 
gun ambush..... right!) The Green Hornet, Batman- Green Hornet, do you see mirrors here? Same thing 
only different (although I always liked the Green Hornet more). Given the rapid rate of scientific 
advances the character of Iron Man becomes more believable every day. It is this very reason that 
I think Iron Man is probably the richest character in the Marvel universe (pardon the pun). It is 
too bad that he seems to be left as a second stringer in that universe. With a little more tweaking 
and marketing and of course a very well done movie under his armor Iron Man has the potential to 
eclipse Batman and Superman as the American superhero.

	Do you think that there ever will be a real Iron Man armor? I don't know what do you think?