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We interrupt this web site for a not so important message!

Greetings Iron Man fans!

If you stopped to read the opening page you now know that it has been quite a while since I have touched Iron Works. So, why am I here again like a ghost from the past? You have Advanced Iron to thank. Recently I was bitten by the Iron Man bug and started visiting the different fan sites and noticed that AI still had a link to my old Iron Works. That really surprised me! So... I thought letís find out what is left of it and I click the link to see what happens. The old site is still there but most of it is non-functional. Well I suppose that is to be expected. Back in those days you didnít get 20 megs of web site space for free. When I stopped paying for the extra space what I had there was gone, simple. Here is the thing that bugged me though. I look at the hit counter and it is at 34191. Now that is not a lot of hits by today's standards but it got me to thinking that a lot of IM fans came to the site looking for some fun and were disappointed.

So, here I am again. The plan is I am going to try and scavenge as much of the old site as I can and get it up and running here. The funny thing is that in the time span since I stopped working on Iron Works a new type of computer system has started to become popular, the pocket PC. The PPC seems to me about at the stage of development that the old desktops were 8 or 10 years ago. Which means that most of the old formatting and layouts of the original Iron Works should work just ducky on them. So, there ya go, I get the old site resurrected here and endeavor to make it as PPC friendly as I can. That should take me a while but when I get that done I will start to add some new stuff.

Check back every now and then and see how the site is doing. Good luck to you all and thanks for visiting.



No matter where you are in Iron Works, just click the gears to go to the VROOM ROOM!